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Inspired at the age of 9 by his older Brothers band, Ieuan decided that he too wanted to learn an instrument and be in a band, so he got an acoustic guitar and began having lessons. Quickly realising that acoustic wasn't enough, Ieuan started learning Electric guitar and soon discovered the Heavy Metal legends Metallica; which inspired him to begin writing his own riffs and meoldies.

With a new found love for all things heavy, Ieuan's taste soon began to evolve as he discovered a love for acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Periphery and Slipknot.
Ieuan was the final piece in the Broken Empire puzzle, completing the line up in late 2017, just ahead of our first gigs in early 2018!

Favourite Instrument

Black Gibson Explorer, with a brass scratch plate and Seymour Duncan pickups

Fun fact
The mohawk that Ieuan rocks, was originally done as a bit of fun for Reading Festival 2016. But after being told how much it suited him, he's stuck with it ever since! Let us know if there's a colour combo you'd like him to try?!

Broken Empire The Band Ieuan


Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

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After seeing legendary guitarist Jimmy Page performing on TOTP2, a 7 year old Matt decided that he too wanted to pick up a 6 string and give it a whirl!
Many years later and after playing in some of Oxfordshire's top bands, Matt was the first person to get onboard with Broken Empire. As a walking talking Riff Machine, it took no time at all until his powerful riffs began to drive the direction of our music and help create some of our most popular songs.

Favourite Instrument
PRS Custom 24 2006

Fun fact
Matt can quote nearly every 'Friends' episode line for line! This came in handy when he secured 2nd place in a local pub's 'Friends' quiz!!

Broken Empire The Band Matt


Lead Guitar & Vocals

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Born and bred in Italy, from a young age Marco was a keen pianist and loved to entertain his friends and family on the 'old Joanna'!  It wasn't until he joined High School that Marco found his love of the lower frequencies and began his musical journey into the world of bass!
Marco joined Broken Empire right at the beginning and had only been in the UK for a matter of months, which made for an interesting dialect learning curve for the whole band! However as a quick learner, it's fair to say that Marco's English is now much better than the rest of the bands Italian!

Favourite Instrument
Fender American Highway One Jazz Bass + MXR M80

Fun fact
During Marcos first gigs as young lad, he would often not wear his contact lenses on stage so that he couldn't see anyone due to being extremely shy!

Broken Empire The Band Marco


Bass Guitar & Vocals

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Born into a family of rockers (Ricky's Dad is the frontman and Bass player for one of Oxfordshire's best Covers Bands!) It was inevitable that Ricky was destined to be on the stage in some form! Deciding not to follow in his Dad's footsteps and pick up a Bass, Ricky began creating his own drum kits out of pots and pans from the tender age of 5!
Having also played in some top Oxfordshire's bands when he was younger, Ricky was also fortunate enough to play inside London's O2 Arena in 2012, having made the finals of a nationwide competition and later going on to pick up 2 awards!



Favourite Instrument

Mapex Saturn III Kit & Roland TD-30KSE



Fun Fact

Despite hating most cheese and especially when it is melted, Ricky lists his favourite food as Pizza!!

Broken Empire The Band Ricky



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